Why True Botanica

1. New! – A unique line of OTC homeopathic drugs is now becoming available:

Our Anthroposophic/Homeopathic remedies are the only homeopathic medicines we know of to undergo a verification/quality process that confirms you are receiving an active potency and “not just water/not just a sugar pill” in the final product.  We do this in addition to following all the standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and quality measures required by the FDA of all OTC Drug Manufacturers.

Click here to learn more about our Kolisko Validation Method™ and to read the article:  “The Kolisko Validation™ Method: Improving the Quality Control of Homeopathically Potentized OTC Drugs”

2. More information about our line of OTC homeopathic drugs

3. Several features make our products unique and give them an additional effectiveness

  • The homeopathic/anthroposophic remedies are uniquely quality tested to ensure that the potencies are indeed active and you are not getting “just sugar pills”;
  • Herbal supplements uniquely contain the salts and minerals of the native plant for a “full spectrum” benefit;
  • Completely non alcoholic products
  • Proprietary rhythmical processes increase the intrinsic energetic potential of the products and make them ideal for the health of body, mind and spirit;
  • Purchase of TB products supports continuing research into natural medicine!
  • A general “threefold” concept of formulation. (See full page description in the Product Catalog).
  • The Pentas TM process. (See full page description in the Product Catalog).
  • Ashing and salt extraction processes are used extensively in order to obtain a more “full spectrum” formula that can truly support a holistic therapeutic effect.
  • Rhythmical exposure of the mother substances to the sun forces over several days.
  • Proprietary, completely non-alcoholic, herbal extraction method (not just “alcohol removed”).
  • Our formulas are prepared with specialized equipment unique to the US, imported from Switzerland (the Inversina®mixer). This allows novel rhythmical processes to be used.
  • Special attention is given to the star constellations and weather surrounding the making of each formula.
  • GMP (good manufacturing practices) rules compliant.