About True Botanica™ LLC

Following a long standing interest in researching ways for creating new quality natural remedies, appropriate to the spiritual and physical needs of the contemporary individuals, three physicians founded True Botanica in 2004. The GMP compliant main facility is located in Hartland, WI.

We create innovative nutraceutical supplements, herbal tinctures, specialty foods and natural cosmetics. The blending of unique ingredient mixes with novel manufacturing techniques results in synergistic formulations for a deeper health of body, mind and spirit.

The products are subjected to costly and exhaustive quality assurance tests.

Essential processes that constitute the core of our products are done by hand, in a quiet environment conducive to an inner sense of responsibility, reverence and gratitude to the natural substances used in the making of the healing products.

All products are made in the morning, under conditions when we can be reasonably assured that only a positive energy will accompany the production process. (For example no manufacturing takes place during storms, etc.)

The ingredients for our formulas are carefully sourced from non GMO, biodynamic and organic materials.

The formulas are designed by keeping in mind the best of insights given by the scientist Rudolf Steiner and the latest in modern nutritional technology.

Some of the features that we are particularly proud of are:

  • A threefold design to our products that makes them particularly effective on all three  levels of body, mind and spirit.
  •  A proprietary method for a more efficient extraction of herbal materials, resulting in a  non alcoholic tincture.
  • Creating full spectrum formulas where the natural salts and minerals of the medicinal herbs are included.
  • New blends of entirely natural fragrances, valuable for the cosmetic line and aromatherapy, such as a blend of rhododendron and other steam distilled essential oils. These are currently used in our face moisturizer, cleanser cream, bath oils, salt body scrubs and health creams.
  • Rhythmically preparing substances in order to achieve new qualities in the substances. Additionally, a final mixing is accomplished with the Swiss bioengineering Inversina™ mixer.