More information about our line of OTC homeopathic drugs:

True Botanica is registered with the FDA as an OTC drug manufacturer and consequently is allowed to produce over the counter (OTC) drugs. Currently we are manufacturing potentized homeopathic/anthroposophic remedies.
This category has several advantages for the consumer:

  • Primarily, it allows the work with substances that are clearly not part of the “nutritional” category;
  • It allows more specific over the counter indications to be put both on the label as well as on the website.

Our homeopathically/anthroposophically potentized remedies are going to have the unique distinction that they will be validated by the Kolisko Validation™ process so that you will know that you are not getting “just water or just sugar pills” in your medicines. You will not find this anywhere else!

The OTC remedies are available as a single 6x or 30x or similar potencies. The doctors, or those lay people knowledgeable in homeopathy or anthroposophic medicine will be able to order the remedies more specifically. For those not sure we recommend as a general guideline the use of the 6x potency.

  • Lower potencies such as the 6th start in the metabolic system and the body works them upwards into the rest of the physiology as needed.
  • The higher potencies are more suited for more emotional concerns and if the desired effect goes over the nervous system directly.
Most of the homeopathic/anthroposophic OTC remedies will be offered in the form of tiny pellets, known as globuli or globules – as opposed to the liquid form. There are several reasons for this. Among those are:
  • Ease of dosing
  • Pleasantness of taste
  • Tradition
  • Perhaps more importantly, however, is the ability to preserve the medication for longer periods of time without the use of offending preservatives.