What is the Pentas™ Process?

The designation Pentas™ signifies a process which consists in mixing the original substance, or a diluted form thereof, with several potencies (rhythmical dilutions) of this substance. The four potencies chosen here are between D7 and D30 and are in a specified weight relationship to each other and the starting substance. They represent three energetic levels that harmonize especially well. They are patterned after the working of the life forces evident in the plant world.

According to Rudolf Steiner:

Mother substances and lower potencies (up to D7) are indicated:

  • more in acute situations,
  • work via the metabolic system and
  • influence predominantly the physical and life forces.

High potencies (like D30) exert a beneficial influence:

  • on a spiritual level,
  • via the nervous system and
  • address more chronic and deep seated causes

The middle potencies (around D14) are:

  • strengthening the rhythmical body processes such as cardiovascular and respiratory processes.

All potentizing is done solely by hand.

If water as a medium is used it has been additionally enlivened by exposure to the morning and evening sun forces.

Mixing of the various components is done with the Swiss Inversina® mixer, in order to achieve an ideal merging of the various individual parts.