Quality Control

True Botanica operates under full compliance with required Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for the nutritional supplement industry.  Many checks and systems are in place to assure you of the highest quality and safest supplements available.  A partial listing includes

  • Raw ingredients tested for identity, heavy metals and microbial contamination before production.
  • Final products tested for identity and contamination as required by the individual product.
  • Modern facilities meeting requirements of current quality standards.
  • Compliance with all standards for manufacturing, packaging and storage of products.
  • Comprehensive labeling revealing all ingredients and any allergens that might be present.  NO HIDDEN INGREDIENTS.
  • We minimize the use of extra excipients.  These are only used when absolutely necessary to allow for uniform/consistent filling and dosing of some products to ensure you are receiving exactly what we promise.
  •  Extensive research and detailed consideration utilized for all formulations.
  • Many more detailed steps involved in every aspect of operations.

At True Botanica, our Quality Assurance goes above and beyond the required quality standards.  Not only do we insist on procedures that ensure safe, consistent products made following high production standards.  We are also concerned about the living quality of our ingredients and the unique processes that go into the making of our products.  To ensure these standards we also include:

  • Seed germination research lab to assess the most active potencies going into a product.
  • Chromatography (“Rising Pictures”) provides a living picture of ingredient and product life forces.
  • Relationships with farmers and growers whenever possible.
  • Various research projects specific to our product line.