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Ripe Root

After many years of hard work we are launching a unique line of anthroposophic/ homeopathic remedies that are verified to contain active potencies! The webinar will discuss in detail the products, how to use them, how to find them on our website(!)and more. Thanks to the wonders of modern electronics you will be able to ask questions, get live answers, etc. This is meant to be an interactive session for both professionals and interested lay people.

For a Limited Time — Recording Available Click here to view recording

The Lili Kolisko Institute is proud to announce the beginning of a webinar series that will allow participants to familiarize themselves with and deepen themselves into the Being and Practice of Anthroposophical Medicine. We hope in this way to answer some of those many questions that reach us so often. Full details are now available. 

Session 1: Understanding Anthroposophic Potencies
Session 2: Understanding Anthroposophic Potencies (2) with Practical Application,
Session 3: How to Increase the Effectiveness of Anthroposophic Therapies (several examples including the “Reservoir concept”)
Session 4: How to Increase the Effectiveness of Anthroposophic Therapies, Part 2
Session 5: A New Line of Anthroposophical Remedies
Session 6: The Mysteries of Iron and the Developing Child
Session 7: Arsenicum – A core Anthroposophic/Homeopathic Remedy

Pelargonium Root Extracts–Novel Immune Respiratory Protection

To view a recording of this webinars visit the Kolisko Institute website here.