Women’s Plus™

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This reformulation of the already very popular former version has an added “women’s tonic” component, the Ligusticum (Lovage) herb.

It contains three roots and their native salts and ashes (!) thus making it a very strong, full spectrum formula for a unique range of benefits.

Including the native salts and ashes of the root into the final product is one of the cardinal enhancements that distinguish the TB formulas.  The salts and ashes of the root do not “just” make the preparation more truly “full spectrum”.  Rudolf Steiner’s research shows that minerals, especially the ones native to the plants, support physiologically the Ego organization and thus make a preparation stronger in supporting all body, soul and spirit functions. Moreover, when the minerals are obtained through an ashing process an additional light and warmth quality is enhanced in the formula.

Main uses:

Relief of peri and post-menopausal symptoms like:

·         Occasional hot flashes and night sweats of the postmenopausal period

·         Sleep difficulty,

·         Cognitive complaints,

·         Alleviating the occasional low moods of the postmenopausal years

·         Digestive disturbances, etc.

All too often these are ascribed to aging. However, wellbeing and vitality can be significantly enhanced by promoting a healthy hormonal balance.

·         Maintains comfort during the menstrual period and normal blood flow

·         Strengthening the pelvic organs in the postpartum time

·         As a tonic for fatigue, lack of vitality in later years of life

·         Maintaining flexible and comfortable joints, muscle and nerve health

Brief description of the main ingredients:

Pueraria lobata (Kudzu) root

The Pueraria plant is native to Thailand where women have used this root extract effectively as a "rejuvenating" folk medicine for hundreds of years.

Modern research has confirmed that pueraria contains phyto-estrogens, similar to estriol, and that the herb revitalizes any organ where estrogen receptors might be located, such as bones, brain, skin, etc. Additionally, the safety data is impressive.

In conclusion pueraria is a significant adaptogen that helps regulate the body's natural metabolism and leads it to a healthy state.

Ligusticum (Lovage) root 

A well-known women’s tonic:

·         Encourages vigorous blood circulation as opposed to allow blood heaviness and pooling

·         Relieves emotional constraints and fixations

·         Supports regular menses

·         Maintains comfort during the menstrual period

Black cohosh root (Actaea racemosa, previously known as Cimicifuga racemosa)

Modern research has found this valuable herb of the Ranunculaceae (Buttercup family) to contain: phytosterols, aromatic acids and unique bitter principles.

Principal uses:

·         Relief of the occasional hot flashes of menopause

·         Maintains comfort during the menstrual period

·         Relief of irritability, congested uterine feeling, peripheral swellings in connection with the menses

·         Maintaining flexible and comfortable joints, muscle and nerve health

·         Mild sedative helpful for the occasional difficulty falling asleep.

Black cohosh is overwhelmingly regarded as safe even when taken for prolonged periods of time but the authoritative German Commission E responsible for herbal regulations suggests, out of an abundance of caution, that it should not be consumed uninterrupted more than 6 months at a time unless under the supervision of a doctor.

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