Winter Health™

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60 Caps

Intended to*:

  • strengthen the immune system  (to be ready for health challenges in all seasons but especially winter);
  • support the skin and mucous membranes (as barriers against incoming outer “bugs” that affect health);
  • assist in avoiding dietary deficiencies
  • promote stronger health around immunization time;
  • increase vitality and well-being.

Unique Features:

  • A harmonious combination Beta-carotene (precursor of Vitamin A), Vitamin C and Zinc with Cinnamon.
  • Includes the salts of the cinnamon bark for an enhanced overall effect of the formula.

 How to use:

  • One serving (2 capsules) daily for preventive purposes, for better health
  •  2 or 3 servings daily in acute situations, for an immediate need.

Especially important to those who are at:

  • Work
  • School
  • Sports events
  • Travel

Also important for children or adults who need to have immunizations.

In an article which you can find on the Kolisko Institute website at, you will find more information; especially also some modest thoughts on the anthroposophical understanding of this formula.  (These vitamins, and the other ingredients, are anchors for the main life forces in the body)     


Several studies seem to show that smokers taking beta-carotene supplementation had an increased risk of developing lung cancers in comparison to smokers who did not supplement with beta-carotene. This kind of information is often being used as ammunition by adversaries of complementary medicine. The reality is more complicated though. In those studies the smokers on supplementation were given 20, 50 even 100 mgs of beta-carotene daily for five to twelve years. Additionally these were heavy smokers consuming 20 or more cigarettes per day.

Our formula has 4.5 mg of beta-carotene per serving. To reach the levels of beta-carotene in the studies one would have to ingest between 8 and 40 (!) capsules daily for many years uninterrupted – while never stopping one’s smoking habit – in order to increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

Nevertheless, as always, seek the help of a medical professional if you have a concern that is specific to your situation.

     Suggested usage: Two capsules once daily or as suggested by your healthcare provider. 

    All products at True Botanica are made in a GMP compliant facility. 

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