True Life Reservoir™

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For an optimal health to be possible nutrients need to be taken up, in a very profound and comprehensive manner, by specialized life forces of the human body. Eating the "right" foods and even absorbing them is just not enough. They need to be utilized!*

These forces underlying all nutrition processes stay dormant until they are needed. Thus they are called "a reservoir" by R. Steiner. In many people this reservoir is functioning at inadequate levels resulting, for example, in the feeling that foods do not satisfy, one gets tired after meals, obese fat deposits can result, the skin complexion can become sallow, vulnerability to outer and inner stresses can occur and more.

In order to re-enliven this incredibly important reservoir Rudolf Steiner suggested a rhythmically prepared combination of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate.

He calls this composition of substances a "nutritional supplement" and recommends that it should not be missing from any dinner table. One should add it to the food in the same way that one might spice meals or add salt and pepper, etc.  This would apply both for children and adults. This is arguably the most fundamental supplementation to a meal. 

One can definitely feel stronger if the nutritional reservoir is more vigorous!   

The "Reservoir" is presented here as a sole ingredient. However, it has been also added to the pepper and salt formulas and to the calcium supplement.  In addition, using the substances appropriate to the formula (for example, magnesium carbonate and magnesium phosphate in the Magnesium Reservoir), the Reservoir principle has been added to the magnesium supplement.


Please keep in mind that the calcium mentioned here is intended for the support of the general nutritional forces and is not an adequate source of nutritional calcium. For a calcium supplementation as such use the Calcium AM/PMTM formula which is indeed an excellent source of calcium.

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