St. John's Wort Complex Herbal Tincture

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1.86 oz

St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) promotes a*:

  • Sense of wellbeing and upbeat mood;
  • Strong immune defense;
  • Longer sleep pattern;
  • Healthy liver and urinary bladder function;
  • Normal inflammatory state through 5-lipoxygenase inhibition;
  • Clean skin.

New research also points toward its STRESS REDUCING effects.

Here are 4 major reasons why we believe our newly reformulated St. John’s Wort is worthy of your attention:

1.   Absolute certainty that you are getting the “real” Hypericum perforatum, the St. John’s Wort species that has had the studies to prove its effectiveness. We have had an incredibly difficult time to obtain batches of the herb that would then pass the exacting tests of our third party lab. Several of the samples of the plant that were sent by otherwise reputable (internationally active) companies have turned out to have other species mixed in with the H. perforatum kind (many products on the market and labelled as such are probably not actually H. perforatum).  In fact we had to teach them what tests they had to do in order to bring their certificates of analysis into compliance.

2.    As always our extraction is alcohol free and thus appropriate also for use in younger individuals.

3.    Mixed in with the final tincture is the 6x potency of the plant. The serial dynamic dilution, the potency, helps the overall “activity or energy” of the herb to be assimilated more readily by the organism.    

4.    The tincture contains the salts and ashes of the St. John’s Wort plus added trace minerals. Trace elements have, according to R. Steiner, a strengthening effect on our individuality, makes us more able to handle outer challenges whether they are social, environmental or inner physiological. 


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