Rhodiola Plus™

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60 Capsules 

The Vikings already took this adaptogen, and tonic, of the rose family, before they went into battle. Rhodiola is known to support*:


  • Cognitive functions: improved long and short term memory; increased work productivity; improved concentration;
  • Mood elevation and less anxious states;
  • Overall less fatigue and an invigorated sense of well being;
  • Improved work and athletic stamina (in one study exercise endurance was increased after one single dose);
  • Better hand- eye coordination;
  • Resistance to various physiologic stresses like cold, etc;
  • A healthy cell division level in the prostate and other major organs;
  • A quicker adaptation to high altitude by reducing fatigue, drowsiness, chest tightness, palpitations, vertigo, lack of attention and/or memory loss;
  • May reduce the suffering of nicotine withdrawal;
  • Abolished binge eating-in animal studies, by the rhodiola extract salidrosides;
  • The promotion of erythropoiesis;
  • Reduction of the inflammatory markers COX-2 and PLA2.


Unique features of this formula:

  • It contains the essential rhodiola root plus its native salts and ashes.

    Including the native salts and ashes of the root into the final product conception is one of the cardinal enhancements that distinguish the True Botanica formulas.  The salts and ashes of the root do not “just” make the preparation more truly “full spectrum”.  Rudolf Steiner’s research shows that minerals, especially the ones native to the plants, support physiologically the Ego organization and thus make a preparation stronger in supporting all body, soul and spirit functions. Moreover, when the minerals are obtained through an ashing process an additional light and warmth quality is enhanced in the formula.


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