Lung Root™ - Lemon (4 oz)

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4 oz. 

Delicious Lemon flavor! 

Lung RootTM is an exceptionally high quality, pelargonium root (rich in umckalin) containing product. The root of Pelargonium sidoides has been known in traditional medicine, and confirmed by modern research, to be a significant support for the immune system and support the health of the lung and upper respiratory tract. Modern European research has also confirmed other beneficial properties, like its ability to help expelling of mucous.*

The following properties make this an unparalleled and unique pelargonium sidoides containing formula. We offer a product that is:

  1. Full Spectrum-
    a. Our product starts with a high quality extract of the whole root. It is very important that the final extract also contains water soluble parts. 
    b. We include then the salts and minerals of the whole root (extracted through a proprietary ashing process);
  2. Completely non-alcoholic;
  3. Produced with special rhythmical processes;
  4. Hand made by people who really care and put their best and most positive energy into the work;
  5. GMP (good manufacturing practices) compliant...of course. 

Try the Lung Root together with the Elderberry-Thyme Syrup for complete respiratory support!  

All products at True Botanica are made in a GMP compliant facility.

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