Fresh Roasted Coffee

  • $8.25
  • $8.40

Net Wt. 8oz - Whole Bean

Three Major Reasons to Buy this Coffee:

  1. Delicious quality you can love!
  2. Support an ecologically conscious company!
  3. Profits from the sale support anthroposophical medical research!

This is truly a Premium Coffee!

We use only high grade "Arabica" coffee beans.

The beans have been carefully grown with Organic and Fair Trade methods.*

The roasting is very special. Most big companies have to over roast their beans in order to prolong shelf life. This frequently gives the coffee a bitter aftertaste. Our beans are  expertly roasted on a regular basis to give the freshest batch possible.  We will avoid the batches that were roasted on a day when, in our opinion weather disturbances or constellation patterns result in a questionable energy for that day.

Our coffee is allowed to be officially labeled as "Fresh" or "Fresh Roasted" meaning it never goes through any thermal processing, freezing, etc, after roasting.

Your Fresh Roasted Coffee will give you a pleasantly awake sensation not a jittery or bitter feeling.

This truly delicious cup of coffee may in fact be so flavorful and enjoyable that you may understandably be feeling guilty to have such happiness every day. Don't be.

Here is where reason (3) for buying this coffee comes in.

This product is being specifically offered by True Botanica in order to support the anthroposophical medical research! All profits from the sale will go to that purpose. Clearly anthroposophical or natural or homoepathic medicine will never prosper unless more research and discoveries are made in its field. This purchase is a painless way to help in a very significant manner.

Uniquely, now the flavor of satisfaction of having helped socially is added to your delicious cup of coffee.

We thank you for buying it on a regular basis and maybe even recommending it to others. 


*Nevertheless, we cannot list them officially as "Organic," "Fair Trade," etc because the beans are grown by small growers that love what they are doing, are socially responsible and certainly use organic methods, (plus as double certainty test the final product for pesticies, etc) but they don't always have the money to go through the official certifying process. The additional problem is that so called Fair Trade coffee consist of blends from multiple sources and the quality of the beans is occasionally poor. The product we offer is personally supervised for quality by our supplier. In fact we go so far that the coffee beans are shade grown in "bird friendly manner," an additional ecologically conscious step.