Birch Complex Herbal Tincture-Cold Extraction

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Birch Complex Herbal Tincture-Cold Extraction

(Please also see the webpage on the Birch Complex Herbal Tincture-Hot Extraction.)

Extracts of Birch – especially when using the fresh leaves in the spring – occupy a significant position in anthroposophical medicine. 

Rudolf Steiner has emphasized the ability of the Birch tree to separate salts and minerals related processes from others that are related to enzymatic and proteinaceous substances. The etheric forces of the Birch send the bulk of the former to the bark of the tree and the latter into the leaves. 

*This allows leaf extracts to have significant health bringing effects in supporting joint health; opposing an entire array of hardening processes of the kidney, arteries and uric acid/joint health functions.

In fact, Rudolf Steiner makes the comment that Birch extracts are actually “worthy to be recommended to all human beings”.

He also emphasized that extracts that are particularly meant to help the nervous sense system should be obtained through a cold press extraction.

The cold extraction helps prevent sclerosing processes of the brain in the direction of aging dementia, aging loss of balance, loss of hearing (possibly due to otosclerosis), cataracts, etc. Due to the same, hardening processes can be helpful in maintaining a normal blood pressure.

Additionally, the True Botanica formula contains low potencies of the extract which helps facilitate its effect on the etheric body. 


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