• Astragalus Herbal Tincture

Astragalus Herbal Tincture

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  • $23.40

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  • In traditional medicine
    o Warming, tonic character; helpful in restoring energy during convalescence.
    o Increases resistance to outside influences like cold.
  • Modern research has uncovered benefits in:
    o Supporting the immune system, increases the production of white blood cells.
    o Promoting a normal blood pressure.

Rudolf Steiner's research indicates that astragalus:

  • Has a strengthening effect on the Ego organization. The effect occurs over the nervous system.*

Special features of this formula:

  • A proprietary, completely non alcoholic extraction, involving the sun forces over several days, results in a very "living" mother tincture of this herb from which the final product is made. Both the root and seeds of the plants were utilized here.
  • The herb is also rhythmically prepared so that its energetic value is enhanced even more.
  • The salts and minerals naturally occurring in the plant are added to the formula.
  • Additionally, the formula contains 10 mg/serving of a naturally sourced, complete trace minerals mixture. (Salt reduced and toxic metals free.)


Astragalus Herbal Tincture

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