5M Trace Minerals™

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1.86 oz

Rudolf Steiner's research indicates that salts and trace minerals derived from slate, sulfur, porphyry and apatite may help the life forces, soul activities and Ego forces work more deeply into the physical body:

  • Especially important when therapeutic resistance is encountered.
  • May be used in practically any situation as a general health support.
  • Intended for use whenever a more balanced, awake state is wanted.
  • Helpful in all situations where the person "does not quite feel present"*

Special features of this formula:

  • The slate, sulfur, porphyry and apatite are rhythmically prepared so that their energetic value is enhanced even more.
  • Additionally, the formula contains 10 mg/serving of a naturally sourced, complete trace minerals mixture. (Salt reduced and toxic metals free.)
  • This batch of 5M Trace Minerals was made with D8 potency (See Kolisko Validation Chart in Gallery to the left).

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