Shepherd's Purse Complex Herbal Tincture

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1.86 oz

Based on use in traditional therapies and on some research findings Shepherd's purse supports*:
  • Reducing tensions of the premenstrual time or lessens menstrual bleeding.
  • Useful in occasional nose bleeds and minor wound bleeds.
  • Soothes occasional bladder discomforts.
Rudolf Steiner emphasizes particularly the tendency of this herb to allow the root forces to take over the whole plant and thus to become important in the maintaining of kidney health*. Special features of this formula:
  • A proprietary, completely non alcoholic extraction, involving the sun forces over several days, results in a very "living" mother tincture of this herb from which the final product is made.
  • The shepherd's purse is also rhythmically prepared so that its energetic value is enhanced even more.
  • The salts and minerals naturally occurring in the plant are added to the formula.
  • Additionally, the formula contains 10 mg/serving of a naturally sourced, complete trace minerals mixture. (Salt reduced and toxic metals free.)


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