Lightroot Comp™

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 60 capsules

The unusual properties of Dioscorea batatas, a wild yam, are confirmed by ancient wisdom, modern research and spiritual science. The herb offered here is of biodynamic ("super organic") quality. This cultivar is protected under the copyrighted name of "LightrootTM".


Dioscorea batatas, also known as shan yao or Mountain Herb in Chinese, is famous for its tonic properties. Traditionally it has been used to strengthen the lungs, the kidneys, and the spleen. 

The spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner reveals what is probably the main reason for its effectiveness, i.e. that it has the unique property of storing the so called light ether. R. Steiner called this light ether an indispensable necessity for modern people.

The light ether storing capacity helps our understanding for its overall tonifying effect on bodily functions, but also clarifies the beneficial role in strengthening the memory and helping the meditative work. 

A surprisingly high number of physiological events in the human body depend on a proper functioning of the light dependent metabolism, the circadian clock. Lightroot helps to keep it healthy and rhythmical.*  

Suggested Usage: One capsule twice daily (preferably in the morning) or as suggested by your health care provider. 


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