Vitamin D Plus™

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60 capsules 

Every year it seems that the daily recommended intake of vitamin D is going up! 

The currently accepted levels seem to be at a minimum 800-1,000 IU's, and that is just the amount expected to prevent an outright vitamin D deficiency. To get additional benefits that result in a lower risk to develop a number of diseases by supporting the overall health of various body systems, even higher amounts are required. *

Knowledgeable doctors place the desirable range of vitamin D in the blood above 40ng/ml.

The current formula allows great flexibility in both an easy way to maintain a desirable range as well as easy adjustments should your therapist recommend higher amounts. 

Special features of this formula:

  • Contains 2,000 IU's of vitamin D3- allows great flexibility in amounts taken both for maintaining an adequate daily level as well as enabling the easy taking of higher amounts if a therapist should suggest that;
  • BioperineTM has been added in order to further stabilize the blood level of this vitamin;
  • Rudolf Steiner's research indicates that the LightrootTM yam has the ability to store light ether in the root. We have included this herb here (as well as rhythmically prepared trace minerals) in order to further increase and facilitate the processes that are connected to the light.*

 Suggested usage: one capsule daily, or as suggested by your health care provider.

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