Magnesium Reservoir™

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60 Capsules

Magnesium deficiency is alarmingly wide spread. Magnesium plays a vital role in many important functions to help maintain optimal health. Adequate magnesium levels are a major help in feeling well, improving work and play performance, enabling sleep and relaxation, and lessening anxiety.

Overall no optimal health can be achieved without adequate magnesium levels. Adult blood levels, checked by your health care provider, should be at least 2.2 mg/dl

This "best in its category" formula provides*:

  • Organic magnesium citrate with a superior bioavailability; this magnesium form is found mostly in fruits and vegetables and directs the body to a healthier, alkaline state. No wonder that it is the preferred magnesium form recommended by knowledgeable therapists.
  • Excellent amounts of magnesium per serving make it easy to satisfy the daily requirements with this formula. Three capsules of the formula alone already may cover 100% of the daily magnesium requirements.
  • Contains the unique Magnesium ReservoirTM, a magnesium combination that enhances a healthy digestive process and supports all the magnesium connected processes in the body. (The Magnesium ReservoirTMconcept is based on Rudolf Steiner's research.)

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