Why Take the Potassium Reservoir™ Supplement from True Botanica?

This question is frequently asked by our faithful customers who note that if the daily requirement for potassium is about 5,000 mg it doesn’t make much sense to take a supplement that (by law) contains only a maximum of 99 mg/serving of elemental, actual, potassium.

You should do it and here is why.

  1. Our formula includes a special form of organic potassium-“potassium citrate,” found mostly in fruits and vegetables- that contributes (even when taken in small amounts) to alkalinize (make more basic) the essential body fluids including the urine. All illnesses are accompanied at least to some degree by an acidifying process. Making the body more alkaline greatly supports the overall health.
  2. From a spiritual point of view – see research of Rudolf Steiner- potassium rules over the entire water organism. Think of a plant how it literally wilts when it does not have enough water or cannot deal with it appropriately. The same happens to us humans. Frequently the hidden cause of fatigue, to name just one example, is the inability to have a well functioning water organization. Potassium in the right form helps greatly! It is essential. That is where the Potassium in the Reservoir™ form (a combination of potassium phosphate and carbonate in highly diluted rhythmically prepared form) comes in.
  3. Trace minerals have been added to overcome the subtle but chronic deficiencies that exist in most of us. (Not least due to the fact that most plants are harmed by our “modern” agricultural methods.)
  4. Most people are not completely deficient in potassium (or we would be dead). But we are not optimally supplied either! Thus just taking even a small additional amount of potassium daily will be immediately noticed as very beneficial.


Try taking it for several months, ideally 3-4 capsules daily and notice the difference. Let us know how you feel, we would appreciate it. (Better check with your doctor first if you already take prescription requiring potassium from the pharmacy or have kidney or serious heart problems.)