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Lung RootThroat DefenseElderberry Thyme Syrup

Lung Root™

Contains pelargonium, a South African root well known for its beneficial effects on the respiratory system: assists mucous expectoration; 

Can Pelargonium extracts be optimized?

There is always room for improvement. Conventional science tends to focus inordinately on isolating “the ONE chemical principle” that may account for ALL the observed benefits. But nature does not work that way, and the “whole mixture” of ingredients present in a plant may have a synergistic role that escapes us a lot of times, not to mention the fact that each herb has a “life” factor that we generally ignore or at least have not learned to take into account. A beginning could be made by adding to the final extract the salts and minerals that are naturally present in the original plant.  This then would increase the benefits of the preparation. The mode of manufacturing of the extract (for example at what time of the day and on what kind of day the work with the plant occurs) might also be significant.  

Throat Defense™

Contains throat specific probiotics that strengthen the oral barrier that nature put in place to make the entry of microbes and viruses more difficult. Enhanced with the trace minerals cinnabar and pyrite.

Elderberry Thyme™

One of our most successful formulas for strengthening the immune system and relief of temporary coughs. 

All our products are alcohol free, natural and appropriate for both adults and children.