(Information provided for educational purposes only; please see disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Consult a health care provider if symptoms persist for more than 5 days.)


  • An especially important remedy for people who have been maltreated, abused or humiliated in the past. They are later withdrawn and serious and are not likely to stand up for themselves.
  • Are likely to produce psychosomatic illnesses later.


(From the anthroposophic and homeopathic literature and from clinical experience):

Physical complaints:

  • Urogenital tract inflammations
  • Burning after urination
  • Itchy warts
  • Recurrent styes
  • Back pain
  • Palpitations triggered by emotions

Emotional complaints:

  • Feels life is unfair, being continuously wronged
  • Badly tolerated abstinences
  • Tremble inwardly with fear