Professional and Wholesale Account Inquiry

True Botanica offers a very high quality brand of products that are obtainable for resale by both professionals and wholesalers. These products feature superior characteristics that will bring value to your business. An understanding of the motivation of True Botanica’s founders historically brings insight to the company’s significant mission.

True Botanica was founded in 2004 by three physicians who had been actively practicing medicine for several decades. They wanted to create more effective health products whose quality would not be hampered by profit concerns, products that would address both immediate physical health needs, but also benefit the contemporary soul and spiritual challenges of today’s individuals. The results are innovative natural cosmetics, nutraceutical supplements, herbal tinctures, topical body care products and functional foods. The blending of unique ingredient mixes with novel manufacturing techniques results in synergistic formulations geared specifically toward a deeper threefold health of body, mind and spirit.

 Here are some of the essential processes that constitute the core of their products (of course they start with scrupulous attention to that legally required good Manufacturing techniques - GMP’s - but then go way beyond that):

  •  Products are mostly made by hand in a quiet environment conducive to an inner sense of responsibility, reverence and gratitude to the natural substances used in the making of the healing products.
  • Tinctures are made in the morning, under conditions when they can be reasonably assured that only a positive energy will accompany the production process. (For example no manufacturing takes place during storms, etc.)
  • The ingredients for True Botanica formulas are carefully sourced from non GMO, biodynamic and organic materials.
  • Special proprietary ashing methods are used to ensure that the salts and minerals of the plant material are included. This results in more full spectrum formulas that are not encountered otherwise in the industry.
  • Rhythmical dilutions and potentizing processes give the formulas a new vitality.
  • Topical creams and ointments (both for cosmetic and health purposes) are made with new, innovative ingredients, high quality organic oils, no toxic preservatives, strictly natural fragrances (if any at all) and more.

To learn more about providing the highest quality of products to your community or to set up an account please contact True Botanica on our website or email us directly at