My Cell Phone and Arnica

I was standing in the midst of hundreds of acres of beautiful Biodynamic farms, with the only sound coming from buzzing summer insects, when… my cell phone went off – with a call from 200 miles away. That’s when it struck me! What unimaginable electromagnetic waves we must be exposed to every day if we are “reachable” even when no physical means of contact are visible. Any wonder that we feel constantly on sensory overload? The thought then followed that we need to strengthen our periphery even more than I believed was neces-sary, to withstand the visible – and invisible –  onslaught against our senses, on our periphery.

R. Steiner talks about a means of doing just that. He tells us that Arnica says to the astral body  (which is residing in the center of the body) come out here to the periphery and help the ego. He refers to conventional traumas and injuries where pain, bruising, and swelling are signs that the ego is incapable to reenter into the normal body relationships. But doesn’t that also apply to the peripheral sense sphere where the ego is overwhelmed by a constant barrage of sense impressions, most of which we do not even realize are happening? Arnica is normally used for strains and sprains, but shouldn’t it also be used for healing trauma of the senses? Regular arnica oil spread on the body will strengthen us and our children immeasurably! Could we not use arnica oil after a shower instead of a regular moisturizer? Could we not massage our infants with this oil and thus reduce the trauma of unseen sense impressions on them? Could daily arnica oil massage be a defense against “TV trauma”? 

But does a poor arnica preparation help? We do not think so. Practically none of the oils or creams commercially available list the amount of plant used. Only in one the quantity of 5g arnica/100g product was mentioned. Do you know whether these few grams were really   extracted so well that the active principles went into the finished product? Real Arnica

True Botanica has created the highest quality arnica oil on the market! Ultimately close to 30 grams(!) of arnica plant go into every 100g of the final Real Arnica Forte Oil (the concentration in our Arnica products varies depending whether we are talking about the Real Arnica Massage Oil, the Real Arnica Ultra Cream, etc.).

While we completely respect the totality of the plant we need nevertheless a marker to guarantee quality from batch to batch. That is why our arnica oils are standardized for sesquiterpene lactones, the most active part of the plant. The organic oil base, additional ingredients of St. John’s Wort oil and others (no peanut oil), use of rhythmical processes, and specialized extraction methods truly make this the best product you can buy.

Our arnica products are so strong they may stain clothing!  Use our arnica for the typical acute injury situations (Real Arnica Ultra Cream), but also for relief of arthritic joints (Real Arnica Forte Oil), pre-and post-workout muscle tiredness (Real Arnica Forte Oil), or the newer, suggested uses (Real Arnica Massage Oil). Don’t use products without quantified ingredients; see what quality arnica formulations can really do for you!