About Trace Minerals

Why the Addition of Trace Minerals in many of our Formulas?

Dietary trace minerals are absolutely essential for an optimal health. In a very real sense they are the fourth pillar of nutrition besides proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Sadly, we are entering a time where many of us are not getting the daily amounts in our diet needed for both physical and especially mental health. Modern research finds that even minute deficiencies have profound negative health consequences, all the way to constituting a hidden cause of chronic disease and resulting ultimately in a shortened life span.

One would expect to meet these requirements from the simple ingestion of vegetables and fruits. However, due to a number of factors, the farm soils are more depleted today of trace minerals than in the past, such that plant products, even organically grown ones, often do not have the expected amounts of nutrient trace minerals needed for an optimal human health. Consequently, simply concentrating herbal extracts does not provide them in sufficient amounts either.

True Botanica subjects its plant extracts to special ashing and filtration procedures in order to recover as much of the mineral and trace mineral material of the herb as possible. In addition we add trace minerals from natural sources. Supplementing this way goes a long way to remedy potential nutritional deficits. Besides long term physical health benefits an immediate sense of well being and strength can be observed, a more focused awake state of the mind may be observed. These observations confirm Rudolf Steiner’s research findings that trace minerals are vitally needed in order to enable our spiritual individuality to fully engage the physical body!