Calcium AM-PM™

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90 Capsules 

You can easily satisfy your entire daily dietary needs of calcium with this formula. Every serving provides 1,000mg of high quality calcium.

What is special about this formula?*

  • Contains egg shell derived calcium. This calcium has outstanding absorption and digestive tolerability, as well as a fast action time. Its qualities are enhanced by naturally occurring trace minerals and other co-factors. According to Rudolf Steiner's research, only this and similarly derived calcium can quickly be assimilated into all the areas needed, including all the way to the teeth. Thus egg shell derived calcium is particularly important for children. (The extraction of the calcium from egg shells is done from tons of otherwise wasted egg shells. The only production byproduct is clean steam.)
  • Contains Calcium ReservoirTM, a rhythmically prepared calcium carbonate and phosphate which helps the entire digestive processes in the body. Having this Reservoir included in every serving allows the product to be taken just once a day.
  • Contains specific trace minerals known to act synergistically with calcium towards both its absorption from the intestine as well as its physiological activity.

Suggested usage: Three capsules daily, or as suggested by your health care provider.

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