Clear and Calm™

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60 Capsules 

This formula contains French patented, non alcoholic, clinically proven lemon balm (Melissa). The restorative qualities of this plant have been legendary for centuries. With its tonic and health maintaining effects on virtually every organ of the body and mind, no wonder that Melissa is present in practically all European households.

Melissa is known to*:

  • enhance creativity through a state of alert calmness,
  • relieve stress and increases a sense of well being,
  • improve relationship skills on the psychological level,
  • ease falling asleep at night with resulting less nervous exhaustion,
  • support the immune system- through its effect on the autonomic system,
  • reduces weather sensitivity,
  • lessen anxiety and restlessness thus calming a "nervous heart"; and more.

Rudolf Seiner's research indicates that lemon balm has the following effects -in addition to the ones mentioned above (especially when the herb is rhythmically prepared as it is here and when the natural salts of the herb are added):

  • encourages energetic streams flowing from above down. This increased health lessens discomforts of the back, nerves, diaphragm, pleura, abdominal lining;
  • improves "the imaginative" fantasy life;
  • supports the circulation of the brain by allowing the Ego organization to penetrate deeper;
  • supports the heart.

Suggested Usage: One capsule twice daily or as suggested by your health care provider.    

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