Quercetin Plus™

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60 Capsules 

The intended benefits of this unique, quercetin containing formula, is to support the*:

  • normal respiratory function;
  • normal nasal mucosa;
  • normal cardiovascular system;
  • normal reproductive system

It also reduces the occasional environmental challenges.

Has an overall tonic effect and fights fatigue.

Principal features:

  • Quercetin, a citrus derived bioflavonoid which inhibits the production of leukotrienes and prostaglandins has many health giving actions: it inhibits the histamine release by basophils and mast cells; strengthens the prostate gland; increases work and athletic endurance.
  • Fenugreek and nettles help to stabilize the connective tissues and lessen sensitivity to outside environmental factors.
  • Rudolf Steiner's research indicates that rhythmically prepared oak bark and fruits characterized by "leathery rinds" (lemon, quince) are particularly helpful in situations where the person answers environmental challenges in an excessive manner. "In such fruits it becomes visible how form giving forces that work from the outside towards the inside are active in a particularly strong way. (They) can stimulate the astral body to be inclined toward the etheric body; the mineral content of the juices, (like) potassium, calcium, and silicic acid will, at the same time, bring about a support from the side of the Ego organization."


Suggested usage: Two capsules once daily or as suggested by your healthcare provider.


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