Ginseng Plus

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60 Capsules 

This is a special ginseng containing formula that offers not only the root extract of a superior ginseng quality but also the salts that are available in the root. This extract and native salts formula is thus more “full spectrum”.


The formula intends to help*:

  • memory booster;
  • overcome mental fatigue;
  • increase work efficiency and vitality;
  • improve cognitive functions;
  • improve the general mood;
  • focus attentiveness;
  • support the immune system;
  • relieve nervousness and calm abdominal complaints due to stress;
  • promote a normal blood sugar.

Unique in this formula is the presence of all parts of the ginseng root, including the prongs and root fibers of the herb as well as the natural ginseng root salts!* 


Suggested Usage: One capsule twice daily or as suggested by your health care provider. 


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