Dandelion Complex Herbal Tincture

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 Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is a well-known enhancer of the digestive tract*:

  • It stimulates the liver and gall bladder detoxification functions
  • Also has diuretic properties.
  • It is a vitality tonic.
  • It supports a strong appetite.

 But the root health benefits go beyond these aforementioned effects.

 Rudolf Steiner found that it has a high ability to connect the potassium and silica (quartz) forces which have essential functions in the human organism (brain, liver, and skin) and in the growth of the plants as such.

 In homeopathy one of the characteristic uses of dandelion is given when the ill person has a “geographic tongue”.

 More recent laboratory experiments have demonstrated that the dandelion extracts have synergistic effects with the mistletoe extracts (specialized preparations used in anthroposophical medicine) creating an inhibitory effect supporting mistletoe activity.

 The True Botanica formulation is special in as much as it contains the native ashes of the dandelion roots. This enhances the supporting functions toward the mental and will functions.

As always, we do not use alcohol in our remedies.


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