AKBA Plus™

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90 Capsules 

This is the richest, full spectrum, frankincense (boswellia, AKBA) formula available.

The main active ingredient of boswellia - AKBA- is the most potent natural 5-lipoxygenase enzyme inhibitor. This enzyme is crucial in maintaining a normal inflammatory response.

AKBA promotes*:

  • a healthy respiratory system;
  • a healthy joint function with a good range of motion, less stiffness;
  • a healthy digestive tract ;
  • a high energy level, and much more

Common market available boswellia is not standardized at all or at best has 1-3% AKBA. The True Botanica AKBA PlusTM is std. to 90% AKBA, and offers 54mg of AKBA in every serving!! The addition of the frankincense gum, fenugreek and Bioperine® improve bioavailability even more. This allows a person to finally be able to take enough to reach the blood levels that have been found to be effective. Our research has shown that our formula creates blood levels of several hundred ng/ml while most of our competitors showed blood levels close to zero!

Rudolf Steiner's research adds significantly to our understanding of the spiritual forces enhanced by frankincense (boswellia), whether it is used in rituals, as a resin in the plant world or in important warmth processes in the human being.

Suggested Usage: one to three capsules daily, or as suggested by your health care provider.


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