Joint Relief Plus™

  • $47.90
  • $47.90

120 capsules 

This fast acting vegetarian formula is intended to keep the joints healthy, increase mobility and flexibility, and allow quick relief from temporary discomfort following physical stresses from work, exercise and other physical stresses such as nutritional deficiencies, aging, obesity and more.*

The concept behind the formula is to unify the underlying components in such a way that "a complete plant" results: roots (devil's claw and ginger); leaves (nettles); flowers (chamomile); fruits (schisandra); and seeds (black pepper).  Thus besides the physical benefits a true holistic result may be expected.

Other unique features include:

  • Vegetarian glucosamine (as opposed to animal sourcing such as from shrimp);
  • BioperineTM has been incorporated- a special black pepper extract that greatly enhances the plasma levels of all active ingredients;
  • A mix of ingredients delivering a comprehensive support for a healthy inflammatory state:
    • Schisandra and Ginger- CoX-2 enzyme inhibitors;
    • Nettles - TNF-alpha and IL-1 inhibitor in synovial tissues;
    • AKBA- the most active extract of the boswellia (frankincense) is the most potent natural 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor; here in a uniquely high concentration of 90% (as opposed to 3-25% in other commercial formulas) and a uniquely high amount of 70mg per serving.
    • Pomegranates- inhibit stimulation of matrix metaloprotease enzymes which may lead to cartilage degradation and joint damage.
  • Silicates - for the support of bone re-mineralization through increased deposition of calcium and phosphate and reduction of the number of osteoclasts as well as increase in the number of osteoblasts;
  • Rosemary - supports the circulation to the joints;
  • Vital trace minerals nutritionally needed for helping to build a healthy joint are included (selenium, manganese, boron);
  • Biodynamic herbal preparation (oak bark, dandelion, etc), rhythmically prepared, have been added to enhance the absorption of all nutrients;
  • Based on Rudolf Steiner's research rhythmically prepared forms of trace minerals derived from chalcedony as well as tin (stannum) are included in order to increase the etheric life forces supporting the integrity of the joint functions.
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