Blackthorn Tonic™

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4 oz. 

Our favorite All- Natural Tonic!

Extracts from these blue berries are known to be particularly “vitalizing” and increase a sense of wellbeing. This traditional experience is supported by the finding that blackthorn is rich in Vitamin C. (Use whenever possible vitamins and minerals sourced from a living plant rather than a synthetic manufacture!)

Rudolf Steiner calls blackthorn the preeminent strengthener of the entire life body. He describes its supporting effect as “putting a blue mantle around the whole person”.

In general take blackthorn on a daily basis for extra support of all the healthy vital functions, for energy and “get go”. Especially helpful for*:

  •      Adrenal/Hormonal Support
  •      Cardiovascular Health
  •      Children’s Health
  •      Constitutional Strength
  •      Fatigue
  •      Metabolic Health
  •      Recovery from a weakened state
  •      Stress Relief

Take one teaspoon daily for overall health or multiple times a day for a stronger more immediate support.

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