• Iron Reservoirª TMS

Iron Reservoir™ TMS

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1.86 oz

A proprietary, rhythmically prepared combination of iron carbonate and iron phosphate.

Rudolf Steiner attaches a special importance to the mineral compositions that are made from carbonates and phosphates in certain proportions to one another. Those compositions not only bring into the body the beneficial effects of the corresponding spiritual substance forces- in this case the iron forces- but more importantly they also stimulate all the nutritional forces that rest in a sort of "reservoir", and are connected to the substance in question. 

This formula supports:

  • The absorption of healthy iron levels.
  • Supports iron in its beneficial metabolic effects on the red blood cells, the gall bladder, and more.
  • Supports the spiritual iron effects resulting in:
  • A calmer more "courageous" state of mind.
  • A clear voice.

Special features of this formula:

  • The iron is rhythmically prepared (Pentas TM process) so that its energetic value is enhanced.
  • Additionally, the formula contains 10 mg/serving of a naturally sourced, complete trace minerals mixture. (Salt reduced and toxic metals free.)

Attn: Only the rhythmically prepared iron is included here. There is not enough iron here to serve as a dietary iron source.*

Iron Reservoir Supplement Facts

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