• Before-After Surgery Bundle

Before-After Surgery Bundle

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Three anthroposophical remedies for before and after surgical procedures.

Silicea 30X

R. Steiner: Quarz (Silica,Silicea) is one of the major physical substances that help the Ego organization to penetrate into the peripheral, structure building tissues.

Studies: Potentized silicea (30X f.ex.) helps to accelerate the wound closure and heling.

Arnica 6X  

R. Steiner: Arnica tells the Astral organization to come and help the Ego organization in its ability to heal trauma.

Ledum Palustre 6X

This is a plant that grows in the vicinity of cold marshes and has enough etheric strength to overcome the adverse environmental conditions. Homeopathic experience shows that it is particularly beneficial if the skin is “punctured” and a wound results.


Take all three together, about 10 globuli, before meals at least three times daily