• Angelica Plus™

Angelica Plus™

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  • $33.50
60 Capsules  
The health bringing properties of the Angelica Root have been known in traditional medicine and are supported by modern science.
Angelica supports:
•  A healthy bladder function;
•  A more comfortable menstrual period;
•  A relaxed state of mind;
•  Relief of the occasional indigestion and mild abdominal cramping; 
•  Improvement of loss of appetite;
Unique features of this formula. It contains: 
•  Angelica root and its native salts and ashes (main function-relieving temporary abdominal and bladder discomfort) 
•  Yarrow flowers (main function – supports healthy liver and kidney functions)
•  Germander herb (Teucrium scorodonia), potassium carbonate and potassium sulfate, in potentized form (main function-              according to Rudolf Steiner’s research this combination strengthens the normal Ego function in the abdomen)
Caution: the constituents of angelica may sensitize the skin to UV radiation and cause skin inflammation. Prolonged sun bathing (which is not advised anyway) is best avoided while taking angelica preparations.
Including the native salts and ashes of the root into the final product conception is one of the cardinal enhancements that distinguish the TB formulas.  The salts and ashes of the root do not “just” make the preparation more truly “full spectrum”. Rudolf Steiner’s research shows that minerals, especially the ones native to the plants, support physiologically the Ego organization and thus make a preparation stronger in supporting all body, soul and spirit functions. Moreover, when the minerals are obtained through an ashing process an additional light and warmth quality is enhanced in the formula.* 


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