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Algae Plus™

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60 Capsules

Algae Plus is a significant formulation of micro algae containing the nutrients of Spirulina plus the carotenoid Astaxanthin!

Contains the only organic Spirulina to be certified by the US Pharmacopeia.

First a general comment of the researcher Rudolf Steiner:

Algae have a special connection to the fluids and air. They avoid a too strong connection with the earth or the "cosmic" element. That makes them especially suited to support the middle, the rhythmical system in the human being- as the system located between the extremes of the head and the abdomen. On a spiritual level this explains why algae help to improve the connection between the astral body (soul life) and the etheric body (the life forces). This explains why he recommends the use of algae in

  • tired, devitalized, dreamy children;
  • children that are slow learners;
  • slow to execute given instructions;
  • children having difficulty learning in general.

More than likely this applies to adults as well!


Conventional research shows that it has enormous nutritional and health enhancing properties:

  • stimulates and maintains the immune system;
  • builds the blood;
  • curbs hunger;
  • increases energy;
  • detoxifies;
  • is cardio protective;
  • powerful antioxidant

The only significant carotenoid that Spirulina is missing is astaxanthin which is why the red algae containing astaxanthin have been added to the formula.


  • Powerful support of the eye, brain, joint, cardiovascular, skin and nerve health;
  • Promotes a normal CRP marker level;
  • Strong antioxidant - 500 times stronger than Vitamin E;
  • Accelerates recovery from exercise.

#1 of "5 Foods that can add years to your life" (Ranked by AARP Magazine Sept/Oct 2006 issue)

This formula also contains Phycocyanins -a natural component of the Spirulina algae.


  • Build blood and help support the healthy immune system;
  • Are Antioxidant;
  • Maintain a normal inflammation level in heart tissues;
  • Stimulate stem cells differentiation in bone marrow- stem cells that then make the white blood cells that constitute the immune system and the red blood cells that are needed for multiple vital functions*

Phycocyanins give the tablets the characteristic blue color.

Suggested Usage: Two tablets once daily or as suggested by your health care provider 


Algae Plus

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